Why would you put Jennifer Aniston to a neuron?


Photo: Courtesy / EXPRESS

HERMOSILLO, SON.- This is not a news story false (though it might seem) that the issue has the backing of a study supported by a neuroscientist argentine, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, held in 2005 at the University of Leicester (Uk): you have been given the name of Jennifer Aniston to a neuron.

Apparently, the finding took place after showing several subjects various pictures of people and places familiar to the patients undergoing the study. Between all of these images are included whenever a photograph of the actress Jennifer Aniston and, so, it came to a same conclusion: a neuron is activated always, so intense, when the patients saw the photo of the actress.

“I always wondered what was the relationship between perception and memory, between what we see and what we remember,” says the neuroscientist argentine in an interview published in ‘QuoPlus’. “I was wondering how they were responding neurons in the hippocampus to certain visual stimuli and, to do this, I used photos of actors, athletes and characters known to the patients.”

After showing the patients included in the study photographs of celebrities such as James Brolin, Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts, or Jennifer Aniston, and other images of famous places like the Eiffel Tower or the White House, the neuroscientist argentine came to the following conclusion: something is repeated when they showed the photo of the actress of ‘Friends’.

“We observed that when we showed these patients a picture of Jennifer Aniston, in their brains reacted to one and the same neuron. If the image changed, another neuron was activated. The conclusion is that these neurons have an abstract representation of the figure in question”, was a neuroscientist in ‘QuoPlus’.

This reaction came “not only when you showed your picture, also with a cartoon, or when someone mentioned the name of the actress”.

And this, why?

But, why was this Jennifer Aniston and not with the rest of the images? Is it that we all have a neuron called Jennifer Aniston?
For nothing. The own Rodrigo Quian Quiroga explained it to him as well.

“We cannot say that we all have in the brain a neuron called Jennifer Aniston”, was, in the already quoted publication. “Surely, a physicist, has neurons dedicated to Einstein, and a musician, Beethoven. However, someone who watches a lot of television yes, surely, you will have several neurons that are activated before photos or pictures of actors and actresses”.

Or what is the same: we all have “neuron-specific” to “each person or a particular concept that we know in our brain”.