Wildly Famous with Brie Larson, Cara Delevigne and Channing


Wildly Famous it is a program in which the adventurer Bear Grylls it takes a celebrity to live a weekend full of adventures in nature, together they must learn how to survive in the midst of adversity.

The next February 13 will premiere the fifth season of this series that counts with the participation of Alex Honnold, Armie Hammer, Brie Larson, Bobby Bones, Cara Delevingne, Channing Tatum, Dave Bautista, Joel McHale, Rob Riggle and Zachary Quintothey will have to find a way to survive along with Bear Grylls.

The new episodes are developed in remote locations United States and other parts of the world, from mangrove swamps infested with crocodiles in Panamagoing through the underwater caves in Sardinia, the deep cracks of the largest glacier Iceland and the scorching slot canyons of the desert Arizona.

The celebrities will leave the civilization for insight into the nature and embark on a journey without limits by some of the most extreme places on the planet, in this new season there is more action, feats and moments of visceral.

About this experience he says Bear Grylls “it fills me with pride to know that every one of the Hollywood personalities who accompanies me on these trips in nature is always a refreshing experience. This is what produces the nature, many times it takes us to the limit but then reward the courage and determination with a pride that cannot be bought with money”.

The series Wildly Famous it was developed by Bear Grylls and Delbert Shoopman and the new season will be available through National Geographic from next Thursday, February 13 at 9: 15 p. m. (time in Colombia)