Will Smith his son Jaden Smith shows off to her boyfriend Tyler the creator in networks


Much has been said about the preferences of Jaden Smith the son of the famous actor Will Smith, has boasted on several occasions to her “boyfriend” Tyler the creator.

This statement has impacted the users of Twitter because despite not being the first time which makes this type of comments netizens are surprised by this kind of statements.

New account of the son of the actor and singer Will Smith turned to generate the doubt in terms of their preferences, because although he has had relationships with women, has also been considered the possibility of being gay.

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In this last installment of the Grammy Awards 2020, he returned to unleash controversy, as to celebrate the victory of the rapper Tyler the Creatorsaid via a tweet that “your boyfriend” he won a Grammy.

The messages that you share on your social networks are probably a joke and both are very good friends, because it is pretty obvious to put “my boyfriend” as they tend to make some women in the way of a joke so there is the possibility that it is also joke of the young actor.

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Despite the fact that from two years ago that Smith admitted that the rapper was her boyfriend, decided to use the scenario of a Festival Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in the year 2018, to be able to declare your love to the rapper.

“I just want to say that Tyler the Creator, is the best friend in the world, and I love them so much. Tyler doesn’t want to say anything, but he is my boyfriend. And has been my boyfriend for all my life”, before this statement, the rapper denied the facts.

Despite the fact that Tyler the Creatorto date it has not given a public statement to that regard on whether it is truth or lie has left his followers with the question, although both have shown your gay side which does not appear to be a publicity stunt, it seems to be that the rapper it is quite demure about it.

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