Wool Rhoades, actress of adult content that dethroned Mia Khalifa


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The web site for adult content Pornhub published on December 11, 2019, your annual review data. The page shares the figures of the trends, searches and a summary of everything that happened during the year in the famous portal.

Pornhub it is the site of adult content of the most widely used internet. This 2019 there were a total of 42 000 million visits, that is to say that 115 million people come daily in the portal, according to its own statistics.

But a figure that calls attention to this 2019 is that the name of the actress Wool Rhoades figure as the most searched Pornhub leaving in second place to the recognized Mia Khalifa.

Rhoades he accumulated more than 345 million views of their videos, while Khalifa he obtained a figure of a total of 269 million reproductions. The interpreter Wool Rhoades that brings down Mia Khalifa in the industry of adult content is United States, and currently lives in Chicago, notes a biography of the actress in Pornhub. He has 23 years of age and started in the adult film in the year 2016.

Khalifa stopped to make content for adults, but on Pornhub there videos that did it. She entered in the industry in 2014 when he was 21 years old and his popularity he quickly rose.

The fame came to him when in one of the videos sexual content used the classic garb of the arab women, the hijab. The filming of that video caused a lot of controversy, and the actress received death threats by members of the dreaded group Islamic State (EI).


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