Yuliett Torres congratulates the Christmas with nothing underneath: Attention to the photo!


Note that the festive season is approaching and all of our celebs are of nerves be the most original at the time of congratulate or by finding a costume of Santa to go with your body.

Some are still engaged in use the same tricks from before at the time of look palm without realizing that it is a great time to renew, even if it is decorated. Yuliett Towers does not seem to realize that we are talking about it.

The Kim Kardashian mexican has taken such a liking to the selfies in the bathroom, that already rubs with the obsession.

Looking for a bathroom, find a mirror and pulls out mobile immortalize your curves accidentally not notice that your rear does not need to be reflected in anything to remind us of how enormous that is.

Little mini, mirror or leggings as tight, and photo, among these is model fitness day yes and day also, and with the bathroom background, as it has to be.

And although this time has also cast a hand to the mirror, the everlasting bath and dress short Yuliett you deserve to be recognize for a change, it is something that starts!

Today the athlete it appears from the front, without reflections, to teach another part of your body or mirrors, rear Yuliett wants us to know that your front is also worthy of comment.

And as we approach the holidays and she want to felicitarlas your style, mini dress of the truth, or top a little largeaccording to look, with christmas motifs, and without wearing anything underneath it!

We must recognize that the bathrooms will feel good although we do not like them so much and the same with the arrival of the new year changes tactics and of situation, or give more prominence to other parts of your body, although with her you never know.