Yuliett Torres opens her skirt in front of the mirror and photograph as well!


To Yuliett Towers we like to make sure that it looks perfectly and can be seen in this publication. With an outfit that is very particular, formed by a set onesie blouse and short, white in colour, with a skirt overlay, the model impresses with the photography. Besides looking so good, dares to open her skirt and discover your leg, leaving you astonished at their core.

With a flawless appearance, the mexican model captures every second the eyes of thousands of fans eager to know more about her. Hair, skin, and a mischievous natural, are some of the qualities that it shares the Kardashian mexican internet users in this craze of selfies, gaining high positions in the list of fame.

There is No doubt that Yuliett not lose the chance to splurge sensuality and beauty, provoking comments of appreciation and even a little off-tone. His intention is to go positioning itself in the hearts of his followers.

The revelation of Yuliett Towers

Recently, Yuliett Torres was invited to the program NET: it is Never too late Fox Sport Mexico, where he revealed some of his secrets of training that have allowed him to be seen as well. Between laughter and jokes, the province was able to tell part of the story of his dizzying fame.

The model fitness revealed that began with the exercise from a very young age and what did trot, to then start on the gyms. After this, was by creating their own routines of push ups, squats and sit-ups, which we see, that have worked to perfection.

He loves to share with his followers the fitness routines in each of their publications, in fact, hangs up videos showing how to execute the movements. Try at all times to be as natural as you can and to convey its essence. Yuliett Torres takes advantage of the simple and sensual at the same time as the key to conquest.