10 things to know of 6ix9ine


1. Has Latin roots

Of real name Daniel Hernandez, 6ix9ine is the son of mexican and puerto rican. His father was murdered when he was 13 years old. Until the summer of 2018, Danny had not travelled to Mexico or met your family there. “My first time in Mexico, this shit broke my heart, connecting with family that I’ve never seen, with whom I’ve only spoken to you,” he said in a video that hung on Instagram.

2. He was to be a footballer

According to his mother, Danny was on the verge of being signed to a first division team when he was only 13 years old. She prevented him; he was afraid to trust his son to perfect strangers.

3. His style is chaos

In the middle of an adolescence problem, created a character, supervillain, Tekashi69, influences anime. It was only after gathering a good fan club on Instagram that he began rapping. The rap is almost a snap of your creation, not so much the main. His style is not supported, in particular, in the rhythmic and narrative: on the whole, it is a matter of chaos and aggression.

4. Hit the bottom fairly soon

As explained to the police, in march of 2015, with only 18 years, he met a man who seemed to be wealthy in a recording studio and followed him to a sort of party in Harlem. There he participated in a video, then uploaded to his Instagram, in which a girl of 13 years had sex with other men while he played. He was sentenced to four years of probation.

5. Is addicted to ‘beef’

That is as it’s called in the hip-hop controversies between artists. Has had ‘beefs’ with The Game, Casanova, Chief Keef, Ludacris and Trippie Redd, among many others. Just before listing with who has not had ‘beef’.

6. The music critics do not worship him

His first studio album, ‘Dummy boy’, was received with warmth by the critics, in part because of its lack of specificity. All the fashions of the time were here. “It is one of the albums of rap inescuchables of the year”, pointed out in ‘New Musical Express’.

7. Betrayed to a band

In the attempt of seeming to give credibility to his rap, 6ix9ine did colleagues in the gang Nine Trey Gangsters. One of those men, Shotti, it was his manager not official from 2016. Hernandez was spared a long sentence (could drop to 37 years by cooperating with prosecutors against his former colleagues.

8. The coronavirus took him out of the jail

In December, he was sentenced to two years in prison for criminal association and other charges, but last April a judge allowed him to spend the remaining months of the sentence on house arrest, given that he suffers from asthma and could fall victim of the coronavirus.

9. It broke records on Instagram Live

From home released their latest single, ‘Gooba’, his first song posprisiĆ³n, and is marked a ‘livestream’ of about thirteen minutes that he was seen by two million people; I never seen. In the video autodefiniĆ³ as an “informer” to cooperate with the authorities.

10. Has put Bieber and Big in its sights

According to the rapper, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande inflated the sales of the duet’s beneficial to ‘Stuck with u’ to a base to buy tens of thousands of copies themselves. It would have prevented your ‘Gooba’ was no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber and Grande have denied the charges, the first with a quite technical: if five or more copies of a single purchased from the same credit card, all of those additional sales are discounted to give shape to the list.