Adele and the keys of his physical transformation


Adele and the keys to his physical transformation – THE NATION

Before and after: the great transformation of Adele and his reasons for doing so

The last photo of Adele

on Instagram

went around the world


The physical transformation

of the british

left in shock many of his fans

that saw with good eyes this change.

After the days,

People magazine has spoken with a friend of Adele

to understand

how has been the transformation of the artist

. “In the past, the stress to take your career and motherhood were very intense,” said this source to the cited journal, and added: “She has found a way to balance the two situations.”

Her role as mother of his little Angelo, the fruit of her relationship with her ex Simon Konecki, which prompted Adele to committing to a healthier lifestyle. The three keys to the turnaround of the singer were: let go of the alcoholic beverages, follow a diet and exercise. “Right now

she is in a good physical and mental level

“assured his friend to People.

And he added:”

It can be seen as a different person

but it is the same great gal that will tell you if you try to fool them.

She is happy and satisfied


One of the first images that drew attention to his great physical change
One of the first images that drew attention to his great physical change Credit: GROSBY GROUP



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