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Adele met 32 years, the past 5 of may and celebrated by sharing in your account Instagram a photograph of you wearing a pretty figure more thin is that we know within a clingy black dress and heels.

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“Thank you for the love of birthday. I hope you all stay safe and sane during this crazy time”, wrote the singer as a legend of the above-mentioned image.

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In the same message, Adele thanked the medical staff who attend to the citizens in the midst of the global pandemic of coronavirus.

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“Thanks to the first-aid workers and the essential workers who keep us safe while risking their lives. You truly are our angels,” wrote the singer of “Rolling in the Deep“, and then finish with a “2020, goodbye, thank you”.


This is not the first time that Adele surprised to reveal to us changes in your physique. In the past four years, the singer, who early in his career sported several kilos of more, has been showing how your body is going losing weight with the passage of time.

Even though Adele has never spoken of his loss of weight or a lot less disclosed what type of diet is still, the Sun newspaper said earlier this year that the Grammy award-winning care with the diet Sirtfood, which encourages you to eat plant foods such as kale, and buckwheat.

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In addition, the diet allows you to weight loss medications eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine, as they are rich in sirtuins, a type of enzymes that suppresses the appetite.

The magazine “People”, on the other hand, said a few months ago that Adele stopped to consume meat, soft drinks, sweets and processed foods. “Only consumes vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits, almonds, dairy, legumes and smoothies, in addition added to the diet, flax seeds, chia and sesame seeds to lower cholesterol and decrease body fat”.

On what the causes that led to the singer, that you want to change your physical so strictly, the magazine E! he argued that “it is Not about losing weight. Adele wants to stay healthy for the sake of your son, and even though it has been a challenge for her to maintain a new fitness routine, she keeps”.

As we all know, Adele is the mother of Angelo Adkins, a boy of seven years, the fruit of her relationship with Simon Konecki, who is a divorce in 2019.

In the gallery that opens this note, a count of photos of the physical change of the City over its 32 years.


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