Amber Heard has suffered death threats


The actress Amber Heard continues crusade against the male violence. From your complicated divorce from the actor Johnny Deppthe interpreter of 32 years has become the spokesperson of women’s rights. Now, coinciding with the release of ‘Aquaman’, has written a column in the newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ in which ensures that suffered death threats after soliticar the divorce of Depp in may 2016, 15 months after getting married, and that no appointment by name throughout the article.

During the process, the actress texas he told the world the ill-treatment suffered during their marriage, something that Hollywood is not received very well. “My friends and advisors told me that never more would work as an actress, that would put me on a black list. Had a movie already closed and they decided to hire another interpreter, and a mark, for which he had just signed a campaign for two years, he decided to abandon. I had the opportunity to experience, first hand, how institutions protect the men accused of abuse”, write. And his career was not the only thing that peligró.

I write this as a woman who has had to change his phone number on a weekly basis for the death threats. Almost didn’t get out of my apartment, and when he did, he was persecuted by drones with camera and photographers. I felt like I was in a trial by public opinion, and that my life and my livelihood depended on countless trials that were beyond my control.” That’s why he says: “I Want to make sure that all women who talk about their experiences with violence receive the support they need. We can all work together to demand changes in the laws, rules and regulations so as to amend the imbalances that have shaped our lives” sentence.