Amber Heard on Johnny Depp: “I slapped him with force, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me” | People and Celebrity


Amber Heard is detailing the alleged abuse suffered while she was married to Johnny Depp in a new lawsuit filed by the actor, who accuses her of defamation and claiming 50 million euros. The actress, 32, says that Depp became a “monster” when he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, according to court documents obtained by the magazine People.

Heard and Depp were wed in 2015. In may of 2016 Heard island requested a restraining order after that they might accuse him of abuse. Depp denied the facts, and the couple divorced in August of 2016 through a private agreement. Heard received seven million dollars which he donated to charity. Both actors signed confidentiality agreements that prevent them from speaking of their relationship publicly.

But Depp sued his former wife for defamation after this to write an opinion article for the Washington Post in December of 2018 who claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. Although never mentioned to Depp by name.

Johnny Depp, with his hand bandaged, and Amber Heard, on his arrival in Australia in April 215.

Johnny Depp, with his hand bandaged, and Amber Heard, on his arrival in Australia in April 215. CORDON PRESS

Before the court, the actress said that Depp hit her repeatedly, ripped off the hair and tried to stifle it. According to his statement, Depp “became a totally different person is often delusional and violent. We call that version of Johnny, “the monster”, according to court documents.

One of the facts that the actress recounts takes place during a flight from Boston to Los Angeles in may of 2014. “Depp began to throw objects for having filmed a scene romantic with James Franco,” says Heard. “Instead of reacting to her behavior, I simply moved a few seats,” he said. “That’s not what stopped. I threw a chair, yelled at me and mocked me screaming the name James Franco”.

Heard alleges that in December of 2015, Depp and she had another fight in his apartment in Los Angeles. “I threw a bottle, poured the stuff out of the room and hit a wall. I slapped him with force, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me through the house”.

The actress confesses that he told Depp that he wanted to “leave it, and that she would call the police if he ever touched it again”, but the actor responded, allegedly, by pushing it and giving it a “head butt in the face”.

Depp has always denied the accusations and claimed in his libel claim that she “never abused the lady Heard”. According to the actor, his wife accused him falsely in 2016: “they Were part of an elaborate hoax to generate positive publicity for ms. Heard to advance in your career.”

The lawyer Heard, Eric M. George, said to People: “This frivolous action is only the latest of the repeated efforts of Johnny Depp silence to Amber Heard. She will not be silenced. The actions of mr. Depp show that they cannot accept the truth of their abusive behavior continuum.”

Johnny Depp said by filing the lawsuit, that Amber Heard had an affair in secret with the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, who started only a month after getting married. Told that Musk often visited Heard while Depp was out of the house, including the day on which the actress showed her face battered and stated that Depp had caused the injuries.

The lawyers of the actress, however, argue that this and the tech giant didn’t start their relationship until after her marriage with Depp. Before the accusation of Depp, I thought that the romance between the actress of The girl Danish and the wealthy entrepreneur began after his controversial divorce from the actor.