Anna Kendrick believes that you should only eat Taco Bell at a specific time of day


Celebrities are like us in some aspects. Even
A-Listers such as Anna
Kendrick, who can afford to dine in fancy restaurants every night, you can find
themselves hitting a fast-food meal on occasion. And when they do, you
Often you can catch them enjoying a bit of Taco Bell.

Definitely not mexican food gourmet. But there is something very nice to bite down on a taco from Taco Bell on occasion. The actress of Pitch Perfect, admitted that sometimes he enjoys the fare from Taco Bell, but only under one condition crucial: it must be after midnight.

Anna Kendrick | Gary Gershoff / WireImage

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Anna Kendrick can only eat Taco Bell after midnight

First, Kendrick went to Twitter to express their love for a specific offer on the menu of Taco Bell. “I just tried the taco Doritos Taco Bell”, tweeted in 2012, informed Insider. “I can see why they sold 100 million of these. This is not a joke “.

Later, the actress of 34 years said to Conan that she only
enjoy Taco Bell at a certain hour of the day. “It’s something dirty that I love
Taco Bell a lot, ” he said in the program. “I can’t, I can’t eat the Taco
Bell before midnight. It is like a thing a reverse Gremlins. It has to be
under the cover of darkness in my car. I drive out of my way for the that has
the drive-thru … and what I will eat in my car. “

This is a way to avoid the biggest complaint of Chrissy Teigen
about Taco Bell tortillas soggy.

Other celebrities who love Taco Bell

Kendrick is not alone in his love for Taco Bell. The author and supermodel cookbooks Chrissy Teigen also has been reported that he likes to sort of the restaurant of fast food mexican. But your suggestion to prevent the studs soaked was not put into practice immediately.

In 2019, Teigen tweeted at Taco Bell: “you should
delivery your meat taco separated from the husk so that you can build it up myself, as well
preventing studs soaked. I like to extend the duration in which the as,
Sometimes I can take hours. Thank you.”

The restaurant responded by suggesting that Teigen “order tacos every time” to prevent fogging, which, of course, omitted any suggestion of Teigen. Later, they came up with a kit of blocks to build your own, and punctured to Teigen to let them know.

Kendrick can’t stop talking about his love for Taco Bell

When asked during an interview with THE Magazine, if you love more to Ariana Grande or the popular menu item of Taco Bell, Nachos BellGrande, he chose to skillfully both, since anyway enjoy Gordita Crunches that the nachos.

“I would commit several murders in order to maintain some menu of Taco Bell
articles in the world. But. Eat nachos while driving: risky. Eating nachos in
home: soaked, ” she said. “Ariana Grande: always perfect. Then Ariana Grande, and
I will continue with my Gordita Crunch. It’s the perfect meal because it is all
the textures “.

Just remember, those Gordita Crunches are only permitted after midnight, according to the own rules of Kendrick.