Appear new photos of Adele wearing her thin figure | People | Entertainment


If someone has given a lot to talk about in the last days it is definitely the singer Adele, who has surprised with his new slimmer figure.

The british singer has lost at least 45 pounds, what is seer in images of friends and fans of the artist that have been shared on social networks.

Some of these photographs would have been captured during the celebration of her 31st birthday in Las Vegas, the previous year. What that also demonstrates that the singer looks like this is physical from more than a year ago, points to the magazine Hello! in your web portal.

Adele was commended this year by her friend Lauren Paul with a photograph of the meets last of the artist, in which you can already see the singer in a black dress tight.

“Happy birthday to you angel, baby. You came into my life a few months before I had a Story and quickly became one of the most important figures in my journey as a new mother. You have taught Me a lot. You shine because your heart is full. I am very proud of the human you are. I wish we were reliving the pajama party in Las Vegas”, wrote Lauren in one of her ‘stories’.

But Lauren was not the only one that has posted images of the artist. Another of their friends, Jedidiah Jenkins, published a photograph of him with Adele in a car and in this we can already see the face of her much more slender. (E)

The followers of the artist have not been left behind and have also gotten new pictures of her. In an account of a club colombian fans in Instagram is a ‘post’, also for your birthday celebration number 31, in which it appears Adele with Jedidiah Jenkins, Lauren Paul and Nicole Richie. (I)