ARTIST – “Glitter” – The album damn Mariah Carey arrives to “streaming”


Glitter”, the album fucking Mariah Carey, has come by surprise and for the first time to the digital platforms of “streaming” as Spotify, 19 years after its release thanks to the pressure of their followers.

Grouped under the hashtag #JusticeForGlitter, already in 2018 managed to arrive finally at number 1 in sales on iTunes this work, which was the eighth studio album of the diva and soundtrack of the film of the same name that he starred in 2001.

The announcement

A little late, but to show my appreciation for #JusticeForGlitter, it is now available everywhere!”, has announced Carey in their social networks, including Twitter, where temporarily has changed its name by the name of Billie Frank, who was the character that she played in the film.

This is a concession historic by the american artist, who never interprets themes of that project because, according to his own words, “nearly ruined” his life. “It was a hard stage when he came out, a cluster of things, a drama in which I do not want to enter because I would change the mood”, came to testify about it.

The critical

The criticisms of the film were terrible, also the their performance, which was supposed to debut in a dramatic role that is not played itself, a setback which resarciría years later with his participation in “Precious” (2009). Neither went well, stopped the album, in that it was a sound attached to music disk and in the working figures of height in the world of hip hop such as Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Fabolous or Ja Rule.

Despite selling two million copies, it was the work of less commercial success of Carey until the time and led to the breakup of his agreement of $ 100 million (about 92 million euros) with Virgin Records, and his departure from the label.


The key to time.

With time, his followers reconsidered the value of “Glitter”, which included singles like “Loverboy”, “Lead The Way” or their version of the classic “Last Night a DJ Saved my Life”.