Before and after, Ariana Grande, again in the crosshairs: do you really operated?


Ariana Grande is currently a super pop star beloved around the world. Even with all the fame, continues to be criticized by your great physical transformation. Does it really have surgery or it was just puberty?

Prior to being known by millions of fans around the world, the singer Ariana Grande was an actress of TV remembered for his role as Cat in the program Nickelodeon, Victorious.

His musical career started to take off and is today a super star of the genre pop. Despite the love she receives in their social networks, there are also those haters you do not let go of the changes he has had since his adolescence until now. What is not natural?

The before and after of Ariana Grande.

Before the alleged plastic surgeries, in ‘Victorius’ Ariana Grande looked completely different: redhead, eyes more round (even your face in general), the lips thinner and the nose a bit thicker.

Also your tan has been attacked, is it false? If your routine of a tan has never been detailed, the topic of the complexion of the singer has been the subject of much debate. What is a solarium, are available as creams or only with the help of the sun? Even, some people have accused Big, ancestry italoamericana, of cultural appropriation.

Have criticized Ariana Grande up for your tan.

Today, many say that is made some other cosmetic surgery. In addition to a face matures (since 26 years), the contours of his nose and lips have changed, so that it would fillers lip and a nose job. They also talk about implants.

Ariana Grande always has denied that he has undergone any plastic surgery. According to Peopleshe says that just mature with age. “On the cover of a magazine saying: ‘Oh, Ariana Grande: working of sinuses, brow lift, shaving of the cheeks, lips’. I thought: ‘you’re comparing a photo of mine when I was 14 to when I am 21 years old and I wear a bra push-up”, stated. What do you think?