Bella Thorne wants to be a bride of Zendaya in the second season of Euphoria


One of the best series of this year, or at least the second half of 2019, no doubt it was Euphoria – 76%, a drama on HBO that follows a group of teenagers and the problems they face, related to violence, drugs, sex, bullying, among other things. The show is being produced by the singer Drake and starring Zendaya, the actress who gradually has gained a much more stable place in Hollywood.

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Now, recently, Bella Thorne, who began his career in the program of Disney Shake It Up like Zendaya, published in Instagram his interest to be a part of the second season of Euphoria and nothing more and nothing less than as a girlfriend of the protagonist. As was expected, and as surely as he knew Thorne would happen, the fans have turned to networks to show your support, or to publicize their rejection.

From the beginning, Euphoria got mixed reviews because of its subject matter, but the positive reviews were imposed, as described to this series as realistic and different to other productions aimed at the mass consumer looking for reflection on these issues but without success.

The experts have also praised the work of Zendaya that is away from the paper surface to deliver a performance that is profound and complex. He also has outstanding accuracy that has to capture the spirit and the way these youth interact through technology and text messages.

Therefore it is not strange that Bella Thorne want to be part of this new phenomenon of HBO, for surely the series will continue to succeed in his second season. But how was it that arose rumors that would see the girls Disney together on-screen?

It was all after Thorne attends the launch party of the new collection of model and actress Cara Delevingne with PUMA x Balmain, event that is also attended Angus Cloud and Jacob Elordi, two of the protagonists of Euphoria. The actress decided to take a photo with the actors and upload it to your account of Instagram and of course, fans began to comment that they wanted to have Bella in the second season of the show (via Frames).

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From the foregoing, the actress, in a movement nothing naive, and very smart, decided to answer a comment from a fan by writing that he would love to be the new love interest of Zendayawith what is surely the Internet would explode. After this, of course, their followers went crazy and they started to comment more on the subject.

To Thorne no lack of reasons to believe that if she had a role that she will interact lovingly with Zendaya in the second season EuphoriaYou , the Internet would explode, because nobody can forget his beginnings as a girls Disney and even after six years this would have an impact and of course that would erupt in networks.

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