Bella Thorne, Zendaya: The reunion of the two former girls Disney who want to see the fans ‘Euphoria’ | Film and Television


The imminent success of Euphoria what has become one of the series more views of HBO. A platform that hosts productions from the likes of Game of Thrones and WestWorld and that, from its beginnings in the 70s, has escalated into a streaming service more popular.

But going with the grain. After the end of its first season, Euphoria has returned to occupy the front pages of all media, and has done so after the acclamation of his followers by incorporating the role of a exchica Disney.

It all happened at the event organized by PUMA x Balmain, which was attended by Angus Cloud and Jacob Elordi, two protagonists of the HBO series. There coincided with other known faces of the industry, as are Face-Delevnigne and Bella Thorne.

It is precisely Thorne the cause of the commotion that surrounds this series in the last few days. After you upload your photo with the actors mentioned above, his followers began to speculate about the appearance of the young man in the second season of the series of Zendaya. An actress with which, by the way, coincided in the series of Shake It Up (Disney) during three years and with that now all they want that you will feature in a romance.

So it is. The army of followers of Euphoria have allied to convert this desire into reality, and it seems that is not very far from fulfilled. According to Framesthe Bella told a fan that if she was “the new love interest of Zendaya, the Internet would explode”. But, isn’t that what you want, Bella? We’ll have to wait to see if Sam Levinson will be finally with our protagonist.

And you, do you also dream about this reunion?