Cara Delevingne wearing sandals stuffed Ugg Los Angeles

The time of stay at home has given rise to celebrities to show the more creative ways of creating outfits during the quarantine period. The latter is Cara Delevingne, who has shown us the most comfortable shoes (by a lot) to be home and not, are no tennis or flip flops traditional.

The model and british actress feu view on the streets of Los Angeleswith a look highly informal composed by a long sleeve t-shirt with the printing of the album cover of Prince, Purple Rainin combination with a shorts-style sporty and, the piece’s star outfit, sandals type slippers plushthe creation of an american firm called Ugg.

Cara Delevingne

© Jacopo Raule

The textured fur on shoes it is not something new, but it tends to generate opinions are divided. Suddenly, the slippers ceased to be the shoes that we had just to get up out of bed and transfer to the street style without that we could prevent it. Beyond the models Ugg (which are quite known for their aesthetic teddy), there are some shoes that define perfectly this tendency and are the Princetown GG of the Italian firm Gucci.

What is certain is that this type of outfits, intend to carry the homewear to a new level. Though Cara Delevingne took these sandals in a very informal and completely from home, there are those who have combined the shoes stuffed with garments such as denim jeans and even suits, consolidating outfits adventurers that definitely do not go unnoticed.

These were the sandals Ugg that led to Cara Delevingne.

© Anthony Harvey

Like Scarlett Johansson with their Ugg boots, Cara Delevingne proposes some shoes that generate debate between lovers of fashion due to its essence of kitsch, a risky style in which a garment or parts that contain, are not necessarily the most aesthetic or elegant in visual terms.

If you do not dare to take a sandals stuffed in your everyday style and to get out of the house and you could bet on them during confinement, after all, can be a good opportunity to experiment with items that normally do not you would risk to take, and even until the end of convenciéndote that you need more than a couple.