Cardi B she asked for help to their fans to reassure your daughter


From that Cardi B became a mother for the first time nearly two years, her life has completely changed and its approach, and also, by giving priority to other things over your musical career and recently returned to prove to their fans.

The recognized singer demonstrated in the social networks with your small Kulture Kiari, who not only knows how to be pampered with unimaginable gifts, but also asks for advice to his fans to reassure her.

The reason why the wife of Offset did this request to his fans, is that his daughter can’t sit still when they want to photograph.

When I see people tomndole perfect photos to their children, I wonder how do they do it? how? how? Because the ma is not reassuring, I wrote the actress in his Instagram.

Quickly the personality I received hundreds of tips and advice on the part of his followers, who you have been told what to do.

You must give sweets, I have a user who apparently already has experience in this type of moments, so that Cardi B you’ll have to do the same.

The songwriter has been sharing several videos from Kulture in their networks, showing how they spend their days quarantined in the family.