Carlos Rivera premiered her album LP with greatest hits


The famous singer mexican Carlos Rivera 34 years of age, announced through its social networks the launch of its disk LP “Carlos Rivera Sessions Recorded at Abbey Road”, this new project was recorded with the London Symphony.

The material of the limited edition brings together the successful songs such as “it Would be easier”, “I’m dying”, “I waited for you”, “Moon of heaven”, among others songs they have managed to put to the artist, as one of the popular singers of the moment.

The disk launched last Friday, the 22nd of may, as was announced by the famous on its official Twitter account. Similarly, he expressed that this project is a dream come true, so that their riveristas have complimented on this album that has launched.

Carlos Rivera and his successful career

The singer, songwriter and mexican actor, has managed to consolidate a career full of successes. Since you participated in the third generation of the reality show “La Academia” TV Azteca, began his big dream to become a great artist.

He began a music tour after having completed the program. In the same way he was participating as an actor in various musical projects such as “beauty and The beast”, “Mamma Mia!”, as well as the opportunity to participate in “The lion king” playing “Simba”. This character was a dream come true for the actor.

In addition, he had the opportunity to be part of the cast of “The hotel of the secrets”, even for their participation, achieved recognition during the awards TVyNovelas as Best Actor Co-star for having interpreted the character of Andres Salinas.

Carlos Rivera shares his talent with great singers

The mexican singer has thrilled riveristas with the collaborations he has done. The famous has had the opportunity to work with various singers of the music industry as Thalía, Natalia, Yuri, Maria José, Río Roma, Banda El Recodo, Becky G, Leo Dan, among other artists.

Since he was a child he began to feel a huge connection with the music, so that his great dream was to become a great singer. Currently has achieved popularity with his great talent as a solo artist and what to say of the successful presentations that you have made in different places.

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We recall that the singer Rivera, due to the illness of a coronavirus, consented to their fans with a concert from his home, where he had the opportunity to read their unforgettable themes.