Check out the new portfolio of Kylie Jenner valued at 380-thousand dollars –


With 22 years, socialite, businesswoman, designer, and american model boasted one of the luxurious items of your wardrobe.

The younger sister of the clan Kardashian knows how to attract attention. That’s why he used his account of Instagram with 177 million followers, to post four photos in the living room of his Los Angeles home, taking to his side a “carterita” white…

The portfolio is part of the “Vintage Iconic Hermès Bag X Jay Ahr Collection” that was designed by the belgian Jonathan Riss, and the bags of this French label are the favorites of the young entrepreneur. To such an extent that a time came to answer that “if your home is incendiase, she, without a doubt, it would rescue your favorite purse: the Himalayan Birkin”. That piece –which is also her mom, Kris, is of skin of crocodile, has 205 diamonds on their handles and 18-carat gold on his buckles. Does your price? $380,000 dollars. That is to say, $26.600.000 the official dollar or $44.460.000 the dollar blue.

Ah! These two portfolios are not the only ones that have of the firm. In an interview, told that he has twenty-three (ten style Kelly and thirteen Birkin) and that it considers that every one of them “is a great investment.”