Collect the five worst movies of Will Smith


We can all agree on that Will Smith (Philadeplhia, 1968) is one of our actors most dear this industry giant called Hollywood. He took affection with his career in the rap and we learned to love him truly in one of the most successful series (and repeated) in the history of television: “The prince of Bel-Air”. Needless to say, his face is one of the most famous in the world of cinema.

Then it was clear that Smith would end up making the leap to the film, and what if she ended up having a career long-lived and recognizable. Yes, full of errors and questionable decisions such as not to choose “Matrix” for opting for this soup called “Wild Wild West”. See it to believe it.

Not everything could be good news, Will

But neither thrown away by the side hater. Will Smith has been nominated several times to the Oscar of the academy and to the Golden globes, that is to say: it is a terrific actor. But that does not still that also have chosen films that give a little bit of shame others. Today we will focus on the second issue.

But as we all know, and we’ve seen a thousand times his successes, today in The Medizine we must analyze the movies that I wish I hadn’t fought ever. And that is that no one is born knowing. We started.

“Wild Wild West (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1999)

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A cast of stars for a western retro-futuristic in which nothing is saved. I was going to be one of the blockbusters of the year and became the laughing stock and one of the tapes that Smith pay for delete from your curriculum.

The thing is that director Barry Sonnenfeld will usually be solvent… But perhaps this story had not where to pick it up.

“Suicide squad” (David Ayer, 2016)

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The film that united the best villains of DC Comics and that he would overcome once and for all to the competition Marvel.

But no, a cast full of stars, a few characters are known by all, and a director of efficient were not sufficient for the film to not be a nonsense. Not even fun.

“Gemini” (Ang Lee, 2019)

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Ang Lee it is one of the finest filmmakers of Hollywood and Smith one of the most charismatic actors and dear ones, then What could go wrong? Because all. An interesting premise for a tape that has nothing more.

Or they happen to see itunless you have already done that.

“After Earth” (M. Night Shyamalan, 2013)

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The best director when it comes to intrigue and suspense I tried in the blockbuster sci-fi and Smith got to shoehorn his son.

The tape not worth it by any meansnot even spectacular visually, or entertains them. Nothing of nothing.

“Made in America” (Richard Benjamin, 1993)

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A young Smith wanted to make the jump to the cinema after their worldwide success with “The prince of Bel-Air”. And there is nothing better (in theory) that a comedy full of faces known.

Not really, because the tape is not the saves or the chemistry between Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson. A zero to the left.

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