Daechwita of Suga has received support from some famous


Suga it is currently positioned at #1 in several countries through iTunes, also broke a record on YouTube with the MV Daechwitabut above all, you received all the support possible for Agust D 2.

The idol the launch of a surprise, with a song full of ritmas and criticism towards those who once believed least, discover the celebrities who showed their support.

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Through social media, celebs such as Halsey, with whom he collaborated on “SUGA”s Interlude”, and showed their affection and admiration for the musical work of the idol. The singer shared the direct link of Spotify and accompanied the publication with the message “in Awe of you, friend.”

John Cenaknown for being a WWE wrestler, has always declared fan of the guys and also supported him by publishing the cover of their mixtape in your account of Instagram. Awwww!

The music of BTS is the taste of many, also to the actress of the Disney Channel China Anne McClain, known for her role in the serious “Talent show”, who shared the link “Daechwita” praising how well they did Agust D.

Without a doubt, the K-pop is becoming more of a presence among the celebs and BTS it is one of the favorites for some of them.

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Suga received a lot of support with Agust D, since the special participation of their peers in the MV, up to
a truck of coffee by the part of J-Hope, without a doubt, the idol was surrounded with love at the launch of his mixtape.