Danna Paola shut up the rumors of being the cause of the rupture between Sebastian Yatra and Tini Stoessel with unusual tweet | News of The Savior

The mexican actress tried to settle the comments that engage in the now-defunct relationship of the south american. However, the closeness between her and Yatra did not decline, so evident in the social networks.

Days ago we learned of the break between the colombian Sebastian Yatra and the singer argentina Tini Stoessel. Everything pointed that a third person was the cause of the discord between the famous couple. Quickly the rumors pointed to the mexican actress Danna Paola.

The scandal has begun to have a greater dimension when the also singer aztec referred to the Yatra in your theme “Bad reputation”. In a fragment of the song, Danna Paola sings: “if I went with Maluma, and not, say Yatra and ozuna…”. However, in a live broadcast via Instagram, the star of “Elite” changed the lyrics and said: “Yes, with Yatra yes I went”.

And the questions of the fans, on whether or not they had a relationship, put in between the ropes to the artist, and when questioned if he liked Yatra, the mexican replied: “I do not I should have done this live.”

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Discord and gossip were served.

Although Danna Paola will put more spice to the situation, again to make reference to the subject matter in a tweet that has already surpassed 90 thousand “hearts”, and he tries to “clarify” what really happens between her and the composer from Medellin. With a terse, “basically”, next to a clip where he uses his character of “Elite” to make it clear that she has nothing to do there, Danna Paola says that she is like Switzerland, “a country this rich, and I don’t get into wars of no one”. In this way, ditch the commotion that has caused the rupture of the artists of south america.

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After putting an end to the rumors, a new wave arrives after the official launch of the video Danna Paola, “with You”. Although there are many guest artists in this production, in the first row appeared Sebastian Yatra.

The time will confirm if the famous saying “when the river sounds, stones, it leads” is true.