David Yesterday about the possible release of their cut of Suicide Squad: “it’s Just not my decision or my intellectual property”


The “Snyder Cut” Justice League is every day closer to seeing the light of day, but what will happen with the “Yesterday’s Cut” Suicide Squad? That’s what some fans of the film centered on the Task Force X have been asked since it was announced that the version of Justice League Zack Snyder will HBO Max in 2021.

In that context, while you have already begun to spread rumors about it and it has even been installed with more force the hashtag #ReleaseTheAyerCut, David Yesterday you have opted to refer to the possibility of a launch of its cut of the film.

So, after a fan asked for the legal implications of a potential launch of its cutting Suicide Squad, the director simply said everything would be in the hands of the study.

“It’s just not my decision or my intellectual property. I love WB, it has always been my ‘study home’”, wrote Yesterday. “I respect and fully support the incredible way that the DCU is taking under his direction. My court Suicide Squad could be always as just a rumor. And that’s good.”

The film version of Suicide Squad came to theaters in 2016 and, despite the fact that he had a good reception commercially, it left a bitter taste among fans of the team and the criticism.

Since Yesterday it has been assured that many parts of the movie were left out of that edition that featured characters as Harley Quinn Margot Robbie and the Joker from Jared Leto, giving rise to the claims environment to the “Last Cut”.

In that sense, in theory any new version of Suicide Squad conceived according to what I wanted originally the director would not be as expensive as supposedly will be the Snyder Cut Justice League, because Yesterday alone would have to resort to scenes that were cut from the film version.

Thus, the main questions around the “Last Cut” Suicide Squad not pass by a subject of production, but rather would relate to a topic of interest in the potential new version of the film, and the willingness of the studio to realize this project as well acknowledged himself Yesterday.

Ultimately, this scenario has caused some fans of the director to believe that there could be something in the way by the responses of AT&AT, the parent company of Warner Bros, on Twitter.

But for now there is nothing confirmedor and nor are there specific background that allow them to imagine that a new version of Suicide Squad be submitted after the Justice League of Zack Snyder.

Although clearly that has not prevented Yesterday make it clear that he would like to introduce another cut of the film and even after the announcement of the “Snyder Cut” the director shared some of the materials of the Joker from Jared Leto, who was supposedly one of the characters that would have the greatest attention in his court.

“The version of Mr. J in the beginning”.