Demi Lovato has a group of FaceTime full of celebrities that will leave you with your mouth open

How do we receive a call from these?

Like the rest of the world, the celebrities are also practicing very responsibly social distancing in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak. However, while you are connected by video call with your old school friends, your grandma and your parents, Demi Lovato talks with stars ranging from Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, up Bill Clinton and any member of Tiger King.

The responsible behind this great chat is Scooter Brown, and in a new interview with Jimmy Fallonthe interpreter I Love Me he told her everything about it.

Watch the video with all the details.

Chat with your famous friends is just one of the ways Demi has remained positive while one remove from the actual socially. While speaking on the topic of mental health in the home version of the Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallonshe shared some important tips on how to cope in this difficult time.

“The importance of taking care of your mental health is just… is so important at this time because we are alone with our thoughts at this time,” he explained. “Some of us are alone in the house. We don’t have… some people have no family with them. Do not have pets. And so, really just them and their minds and those voices in your head can be really noisy, I call them roommates, and you already know, the roommates in your head, they can be as annoying as a real roommate, do you know?”

According to Demi, activities such as meditating, talking with a higher power, playing with animals and reading can help “calm down those voices,” during this period of social distancing to promote the spiritual and emotional growth.

“I think now will be a critical moment for the humanity, in reality,” said Lovato. “If we don’t change from this, will be very sad. We all have to use this as an experience and an opportunity to grow, and that does not mean that we have to write a sales success of the New York Times during this quarantine, but just do small things every day.”