Demi Lovato looks face without makeup


The natural beauty it is one of the trends most popular in Internet. Today, the brands opt for your models or even celebrities to look as natural as possible and we love it because it shows that the beauty is diverse and that no longer are fashion the beauty standards of a decade ago or more. For this reason, every time we see our celebrities to look a skin free of makeup we show that, in effect, each person is beautiful in their own way.

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Therefore, when we saw the recent selfie of Demi Lovato in social networks we could not fit the emotion. Through a Post of Instagramthe singer Remember December, held your #NoMakeupMonday with a selfie completely without makeup. Leaving to see not only her beautiful face but also a face with freckles.

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In the post also actress he wrote: “I had Not made my Monday without makeup in the year, but I realized after many photos with makeup and extensions of hair it is important to show you what is underneath. It is as well as I’m wearing 85 -90 percent of the time. I am proud of my freckles, my chin and I’m proud of myself for accepting me and loving me just as I am”.

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