Did Selena Gomez choose to stay without hair?



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There are several singers who have made a change of hairstyle during the quarantine by the expansion of the COVID-19. This time it was the turn of Selena Gomez that became viral after internet users posted images of the singer without hair. But what are real images?

“Why the cutting of hair of Selena Gomez looks like DaBaby,” wrote an internet user at the time of publish the image.

While in the tweet by another user, the singer appeared totally different, with short hair and with a outfit sports.

With this second photograph, the nets began to fill up memes about the change of look of the artist.

However, it was discovered that these photographs published by the internet were not real and in addition they were edited. The first photograph was taken from the Instagram of stylist Marissa Marino shared a few months ago.

A few days ago, the interpreter of Lose you to love me published a few photos where it shows a subtle change in your hairstyle where it takes a few curls disordered.