Do you unrecognizable? The change of look of Mia Khalifa


Mia Khalifa certainly is a name that will resonate in the adult entertainment industry, pornography, for many more years. Despite the fact that the young no longer plays as an actress for porn movies continues to speak.

A recent photograph of the celebrity lebanese lit the networks, especially Instagram, to notice a substantial change in your look. We all knew Mia for her slender figure but a distinctive was her long hair black, until now.

Khalifa tinturó your hair of golden color, but its roots are still in their natural tone. The lives currently with her husband, a professional chef, Robert Sandberg is applauded by many because of the love and fun moments you spend together.

What do you think the change of Mia Khalifa? Do you prefer with black or blonde hair?


Born in Beirut, immigrated to the united States in the year 2000. He began to perform as a porn actress in October of 2014, but its popularity rose so quickly that barely two months after its debut, it managed to surpass to Lisa Ann and to position itself as number one in the ranking of the recognized web site-porno Pornhub.

He began to study history, and in the first year of college in Texas he also worked as a waitress to pay for his career when he was presented with the opportunity to earn extra money. Khalifa in past interviews indicated that in his life expected to have an acceptance tangrande, although pagael weight that people only see it as a figure of sexual.