Does Katy Perry declares war on the K-Pop?


Everything went normal in the event that in addition to looking to provide fun to its listeners, would designate all the proceeds to charities. However, an incident occurred with Katy Perry that quickly went around the world with the help of social networks.

It turns out that Katy had the idea of saying a small ‘joke’ before you begin your presentation at the show. The interpreter of “The One That Got Away” told his fans “yes they could keep awake” to listen for it, making reference to the age of the public of the successful representatives of K-Pop that that night they shared the stage with her.

All might be left in a comment misguided that it did not generate the least grace in none of these, however, the strength of the social networks they placed the bride of Orlando Bloom in a trend during several hours of the night this Friday, where the majority of the users expressed their dissatisfaction and said that they felt disappointed by the judgment issued by Katy Perry.