Emilia Clarke becomes Mere in ‘Aquaman 2’


Emilia Clarke becomes Mere in ‘Aquaman 2’
Emilia Clarke becomes Mere in Aquaman 2. Photo: Writing

The doubt that Amber Heard continue in the Movie universe of DC has given way to that the fans begin to propose a new actress to play the queen of Atlantis and work together to Jason Momoa. In social networks many have said that Emilia Clarke it would be perfect to give life to Mere in ‘Aquaman 2’ and this fan art shows us how amazing that would look.

Emilia Clarke becomes Mere in ‘Aquaman 2’

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So it would look like Emilia Clarke as Mera ‘Aquaman 2’

The user Instagram dcmarvel.rdm has released a couple of photos to show how it would look “Daenerys of the Storm, which does not burn, Breaker of chains, Mother of Dragons and Khaleesi of the Dothraki” now as Merethe queen of Atlantis.

So it would look like Emilia Clarke as Mera ‘Aquaman 2’
So it would look like Emilia Clarke as Mera Aquaman 2. / Photo: Instagram

It looks great! ? In addition, there is no doubt that Emilia and Jason Momoa they have a great chemistry working together, as demonstrated in their papers Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones; by what the fans want to see them again as couple on screen.

But, although to many this idea seems fabulous, is there really the possibility that Clarke replace Heard?

Emilia Clarke becomes Mere in ‘Aquaman 2’
Mera in Aquaman. Photo: DC Comics

Due to the situation of Amber and Johnny Depphas launched a petition for the followers so that she may not continue in the role of Mere; however Warner Bros. has not confirmed anything until now, since the american actress has done a great role in Aquaman and The Justice League.


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If you want to see you again to Emilia and Momoa together, you’ll still have to wait for more news ‘Aquaman 2’. But remember that while you can put together a marathon of their best scenes in Game of Thrones of HBO through Clear videobecause so #ClaroQueMeQuedoEnCasa

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