Emilia Clarke confesses the moment that Daenerys is insane no return


Daenerys Targaryen it is a undisputed protagonist of ‘Game of Thrones’ after your arrival to Invernalia during the eighth and final season of the series, she begins to desvariar up go crazy and give a turn of 360º to your character.

This has made many fans of the plot begin to investigate by asking the why of this revolution and of the actress herself who represents Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has wanted to give any track talking about the emotions and the problems he had dragged his character up to the time of the battle in Invernalia.

As explained by the actress herself to Winter is Comingthe feelings, within which is Daenerys would be guilty of unleashing his wrath, and therefore decides to burn hundreds of innocent people. “Daenerys has a lot of anger and the flushes completely in the fight. She is a fierce warrior“, he explained.

In addition, Clarke clarified that the situations that he has lived Daenerys make their emotions change: “It’s not just the anger that you have inside for her old business that brings him to this point, it is also due to something emotional. All of this made Daenerys is maintained cold and was ready to fight to the death

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