Famous with more than 50 years ago that are still giving us lessons in style


For these famous the passage of time, has been no more than a master class of style. They all possess a mature beauty envied and have shown that they can be just as perfect at 30 with more than 50. Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Belén Rueda, Lydia Bosch… All of them some time, or even today continue to inspire us with their outfits for the red carpet or even in their day-to-day.

They have already become fashion iconsthe beauty and elegance and these looks prove it:

Jennifer Aniston (51 years)

The career of Jennifer Aniston is full of lessons of style, starting with his looks in the legendary series of ‘Friends’, which championed better than anyone else the style ‘street style’ noventero.

But now with your account on Instagram, which has already surpassed the 33 million followers, we’ve also seen with looks of red carpet and with the styling of your day-to-day that move us closer a little more to your wardrobe, like this mini dress patterned with draped design and puffed sleeves it could lead perfectly this summer.

Demi Moore (age 57)

The actress was one of the most applauded in his time at the red carpet celebration of the Oscars 2020. Just needed a simple black dress signed by Saint Laurent bathed in sequins and with a neckline in the shape of a trapezoid in order to succeed. What are the key detail of this style? A side opening in the low-and the high neckline side at chest height.


For her, nor the years go by and his looks ‘street style’ are also evidence of this, as this look ‘casual’ with which the actress is said to one of the trends that we have seen during this quarantine: the tie dye.

Julia Roberts (52 years)

From his unforgettable role in ‘Pretty Woman’ with his mane of red curly and his legendary red dress designed by the stylist of the film, Marilyn Vance. The actress has not stopped splurging style.

And the same thing has happened with your account on Instagram, where he has already become a reference to check daily, especially for that ‘twist’ that manages to always give the clothes more classic. That’s what you get with each red carpet she graces, or with this flawless look one of Burberry, with which he went to the presentation in 2018 Homecoming. A styling with pleated skirt midi combined with a american long and a simple basic t-shirt in the same tone.

Sarah Jessica Parker (55 years)

Sarah Jessica Parker is and always will be an icon of style. Especially because it never hesitates to take risks with their looks, but also use the basic or outfits elegant worthy of any red carpet. Always with this touch of personal style that we’re seeing from its interpretation as a Carrie Bradshaw in the legendary series of ‘Sex and the city’.

Or still including it in their looks current, as this flattering long black dress with openings of limited edition, which we saw last year and that was designed Zoe Turner.

Belén Rueda (55 years)

She is one of the interpreters Spanish most valued and admired in our country and an inspiration in matters of style, something that shows each time that is put in front of the cameras, every time you go to one of their premieres or on the red carpet. That is what we got this year in your step for the awards Goya 2020, one occasion that the actress took to dressing in a long gown with a strapless turquoise blue, neckline type boat, a long tail and leather gloves to set. A styling worthy of mention and that was the work of the fashion designer Spanish Benjamin Friman.

Also blew style in your step for the awards Fierce with this dress fitted to the waist in shade of powdery, with adornment of feathers at the neckline and decorated with precious stones and pailletes, in the style of Hollywood red carpet.

Lydia Bosch (56 years)

If you prefer the looks hippie-chic or the styles of boho, Lydia Bosch is a great follower of this type of outfits. That has shown us numerous times through their looks daily and even red carpet. But without a doubt, we are left with its proposals for half-time with the that often inspires us in its official account of Instagram, like this styling monochrome in shades of green:

When it comes to reinventing a look that’s boho so that you have a style that is more elegant, the actress would certainly not do it twice and get outfits pristine as this, in which the color protagonist is white. A look jacket type coat with white pants skinny, booty, brown, and blouse in pink tone clear. A success assured for any occasion and very easy to recreate with basic garments.