Father Karol G is presented as “Father G” and launches the “song Chao Because”

Guillermo Giraldo, father of Karol G, has occupied a very important role in the career of the artist, since childhood encouraged her to follow her dream of being a singer and with her mother behind to showcase their talent in meetings and family events.

In the year 2016, it was he who pushed for him to lose the fear and risk to participate in the music competition X Factor, where I finally saw the opportunity to give more strength to your career.

From that moment on he was known with his stage name as Karol G. His dad became his manager, and is also known in the musical world as ‘Daddy G’because his dream has also been to be a singer recognized.

A little over a year presented her first single entitled ‘Pa’ outside’a salsa song with which he was attempting to dance to his followers.

Now, in the middle of the quarantine presents a new musical theme, but this time apostándola to the regional mexican music, something of defiance with “Chao As”.

In this song ‘Daddy G’ he sings to those loving relationships that are not successful, the lack of affection. Composed by Juan Guillermo Giraldo, and Durán Salas, in addition, with the participation of renowned producer Komby Castro.

“Chao as” it was recorded in the city of Medellin in the studies of the great Fruko, and the landscapes that apaceren in the video of the song are among Rionegro and Venice (Antioquia).

It was produced by the audiovisual producer Invictory Films, and a few days of its launch already has over 4 thousand views on the video platform Youtube.

“My whole life I liked to sing, only that I was the person who did not have the support, but I saw in my daughter a business and a great artist, and we can do it”said ‘Daddy G’ in an interview during the program Don Francisco in the year 2018.

Linda Yicela Hernandez Sanchez – Colombia.com