Flashback: Christina Aguilera likes the outfit Dirrty Kim Kardashian


Christina Aguilera wore an outfit similar some years ago and celebrates the way in which the socialite has modified it.

Dirrty Christina Aguilera was a success in 2002, not only by the change of pace and verve of the singer, but for the costume that showed Aguilera more adult and less cute girl.

This outfit was recently replicated by Kim Kardashianwho with a total whitemade mischief in the networks already used to wait for suggestive photos, and consuming the material that is derived from this prominent family.

The singer said about this spectacular outfit:

“I love it… so, dirrrtyyy”

The review of the publication of the Kardashian has like review title: “All dressed up with nowhere to go”. This means that the entrepreneur has managed to pass the time while maintaining the security of your home.

Fans of both celebrities reacted positively and began to make comparisons without the disdain of both women in their respective outfits.

Done already 18 years old of the disk and video that gave the makeover to the miss pop that, today, keeps busy with projects less physical and more vocal.