From the bed! Natalia Barulich left a mysterious message can Be a hint to your ex?


Natalia Barulich not to surprise to its more than 2 and a half million followers with each of your photos, that will no doubt leave everyone with the mouth open.

Is that the ex-Maluma left a message very eye-catching in its latest publication. She said: “I don’t want to know more of your kisses”. Which made all of us to think the same thing can Be a hint for the colombian singer?

It is difficult to decipher to whom was addressed the message of Natalia Barulichbecause in the picture she is lying down in his bedroom without showing its eyes, although if you can see something much better.

Anyway, the american model it looks splendid and has already generated a stir with this image that it takes nearly 150 thousand fans from the moment that he decided to publish it.

Currently the popular Dj anda very happy, thanks to his latest musical work called “Jungle”. But up to now nothing is known about the reasons of this image or to whom he was directing.

What we can affirm is that this famous celebrity he is doing very well and has been all the rage in social networks, since in each one of its publications, she falls in love to all his fans.

Natalia Barulich became the platonic love of thousands and thousands, they do not stop to react or comment on his profile of Instagram. His followers will not want to miss anything she does.