Guaynaa releases his EP ‘BRB’ | 40 to 1

Guaynaa has managed to shake up the genre of the city with a musical proposal that combines letters bold with infectious rhythms. His talent in the Freestyle, one of his multiple artistic facets, has been given its own space within the Latin music, and therefore announces that its first compilation titled ‘BRB’ is available for pre-order starting today.

The rise heights of his artistic career is reflected in this colorful EP. ‘BRB’ includes multiple hits from the artist in addition to two unreleased songs- “The Bibi,” and “Merely,” who will become the next simple approach.

Its simple current “Broken Knees” has amassed over 32 million views on the digital platforms, more than 20 million views on YouTube and has transcended cultural barriers, showing a significant consumption in countries such as Vietnam and Slovakia through Apple Music.

The original style of the ‘Guaynabichi’ has earned him wide popularity, generating a strong community of followers both inside and outside of the industry. With touches of fresh, original, daring, but above all very own, included in his first EP, ‘BRB’, Guaynaa consolidates its position within the genus for urban.


1. “Mere” – NEW SINGLE

2. “The Bibi” feat. Rafa Pabon

3. “Broken Knees”

4. “Chicharrón” feat. Cauty

5. “Buyaka”

6. “Full Moon” feat. Yandel

7. “Bounces” (Remix) feat. Nicky Jam, Farruko, Becky G, Sech

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