Hailee Steinfeld gives life to the latest version malota of the poet in the series of Apple


Apple will be shelling their first releases for their platform, Apple TV+ and after to see the progress of ‘For All Mankind’ and ‘The Morning Show’, we change of third to comedy with ‘Dickinson’, which presents the most rebellious of the young american writer.

Emily Dickinson “wild nights”

Described as a story of maturity, Alena Smith (‘The Affair‘) creates and writes a comedy in which we see the doubts, rebellions and yearnings own youth by Emily Dickinson, famous poet in the usa which is played by Hailee Steinfeld (‘Value of Law’).

As the trailer makes it clear to us that we’re not going to find with the typical costume drama of girls encorsetadas sighing, but with a “takes” more contemporary and even anachronistic, because… well, I guess that because we are in the XXI century and these things should molar.

In the cast of ‘Dickinson’, we find Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, She Hunt and Adrian Enscoe, among others. I don’t know what to think about this series, because what they have shown is nothing excessively flashy and, since then, as seriéfilo I have not been captured.


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