Hailee Steinfeld, the heroine of ‘BUMBLEBEE’


Hailee Steinfeld, the heroine of ‘BUMBLEBEE’

The saga ‘Transformers’ travels to the 80’s in the form of a film intimate adventures in the style of the film from the Amblin of that decade. His protagonist, Hailee Steinfeld, is all about “Bumblebee”, which comes ready to bust the box office world and go down to “Aquaman” of the throne.

“A woman has written the script of the film has had much to do in that, for the first time in the franchise ‘Transformers’, the protagonist, Charlie, is a girl. Not an explosive top model in a mini-skirt, but a normal teenager, with problems and in the 80’s”.

Hailee Steinfeld, still 21 years old when we talked with her, strives to give that image of normalcy despite being a star of music, film and TV. Normally, he insists, is the secret of ‘Bumblebee’:

“it is a film that bet by the emotions. In the background, although there are action scenes are spectacular, this is the story of a girl lonely and a robot from another planet just as lost. Thanks to the script by Christina Hodson (soon on ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Batgirl’), and the address of Travis (Knight, signer of the sensitive tape animated ‘Kubo and the two strings magic’), we give the series something I didn’t have until now: heart. And also innocence, but that comes from control the action in the 80s”.

“I love that decade! The cinema of John Hughes! The films of Spielberg, who is our producer and he applauded what we wanted to tell this time! Music! Yes, in the film, Bumblebee has a taste very debatable: I don’t like The Smiths!” laughs as he recognizes the accelerated classes of interpretation that has led to the interact with a special effect. “I was opposite a tennis ball, a laser pointer… sometimes a torso of the robot, but almost always it was to be alone with nothing and make work the imagination. In ‘Value of law’ (Joel and Ethan Coen, 2010) I had my hand to that monster that is Jeff Bridges. I couldn’t do it wrong because he arranged it all! I was nominated for the Oscar for Best supporting Actress.