His wax figure in Berlin cause teasing and we will explain to you the reason


A new figure from Madame Tussard has come back to scare visitors. This time has been due to a peculiar wax figure of the artist Nicki Minaj that has generated laughter, controversy and ridicule in equal parts.

The premiere of the figure in the museum that the franchise has in the German city of Berlin took place last week and since then the reactions have not been made wait.

Some reactions that are not new, since this figure already was exposed in Las Vegas and over the years the people that visited the museum taunted her. Some reactions that have also bothered to the own artist, who has asked the question that goes with your figure. Let’s remember that Nicki Minaj is absent from premiered ‘Tusa’ next to Karol G, taking a break to find out which path you want to follow.

Social networks have served to make the people also indigne because of the supposed connotation of racism that has the imagein addition do not know to give the figure any resemblance to the singer of ‘Anaconda’.

In the year 2015, when the same figure came to light for the first time in Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, Nicki Minaj showed himself delighted with it, and even gave as the controversy of their alleged sexual connotation. However, with what the artist had was with the massive influx of visitors to the museum that are fun of the figure.

The owners of the museum have already apologized to the rapper for not having avoided such unpleasant scenes that have raced like wildfire in the social networks.