I Yuliett Towers the lia in the greengrocers! Bombing: Attention to the photo!


You have to be quite ingenious to make a mess in a grocery store, but for Yuliett Towers there is nothing impossible. The mexican model born in Jalisco goes from surprise to surprise for its more than 4 million followers on Instagram. When it seems that everything is invented, the influencer takes out a new idea that changes everything. The scenario for this opportunity was a greengrocer and you have to put a lot of attention to the photo.

In the photo, Yuliett is selecting a papaya to add to your daily diet, the issue is that the photo is from behind and shows off her outrageously hot body. Their tonificadas legs make the rest of the stage lost importance, as there is only place for her. With this, raised the temperature of his faithful, and receive a good amount of comments in favor of your image.

In addition to its beauty, Yuliett Torres defends the independence of the woman and the value that should be given each. Left think very interesting: I don’t feel envy for someone, I don’t feel the most beautiful in the world, but I love myself, I want to say to all those girls who criticize the other or that you always look for something wrong, women: there’s that love us as we are, we all have something beautiful and if not, try to search for the best of us“.

Yuliett Towers shares its physical evolution

One of the aspects that has allowed him to Yuliett have so many followers, is that nothing is stored), shares his workout routines and gives you personalized advice to those who ask for his help. Don’t use your fame in order to feel superior, but to help a greater number of people to understand that yes you can have a body of magazine. Yuliett Towers is an independent woman who by dint of perseverance it was making a name for itself and today it enjoys its fame.