In tantrum of the eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian that say that it is “malcriada”


Kim Kardashian has tried to keep the calm with their children during quarantine.

During the quarantine Kim Kardashian has proven that he lives what all mothers during this confinement at home with their 4 children, and that is that everything has been chaos.

Although it has 4 small children, who has made you live tough times is to his daughter North West, who has been embarrassed in some of the live broadcasts that has made the famous celebrity.

Recently, he shared with his followers one of the tantrums of his daughter of 6 years, showing how difficult it has been to this stage.

In the video you see to the North lying on the ground crying while Kim then focuses and shows how it was then that his daughter was painted, with some letters in his face drawn with crayon black.

This generated criticism on social networks, because the followers claim that the daughter of the celebrity is already big for this type of behavior.

“I think that is very malcriada that tantrum has no need,” OMG North is already as a very large to do something like that”, “I would not tolerate that type of behavior, they do not place a high”, and “looks that will let you do what you want”, were some of the reactions in the networks.

Kim Kardashian has confessed that has been desperate at some points during the quarantine, since their children don’t let her rest even for a minute, a reality experienced by all mothers today.

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