Infidelity. Shakira and him kissing. Pique is silent, but this photo confirms it


May 23, 2020
(14:35 CET)

Shakira it is very aware that, for a lot of that is one of the artists with the highest number of followers on the planet and one of the most loved, there are many who day after day try to harm you. On all social networks.

That is why now, some of his haters, have circulated the net and the forums a photo of the colombian singer kissing a man. A man who, as pointed out by its detractors, “it is not Pique”.

The photo of Shakira

In the image we see to the of Barranquilla kissing with a man within the sea. And of course, as expected, there have been few who have tried to make you believe that the photo is current.

Shakria sea kiss

Luckily for Shakiratheir most faithful fans have not taken anything out on the step and ensure that the photo “has many years” and that the protagonist is the former partner of the artist, Antonio de la Rúa.

But of course, taking into account that Shakira it is one of the singers that he gives more to talk about in the networks, there is already who has put the word infidelity on the table. Is obviously not so. Or at least on this occasion.

And it is that, while it is true that the photo is not current, some of the anti-Shakira yes they have loved to remember that the relationship between Pique and the colombian was not born precisely of very good ways.

Shakira and Gerard Pique | EFE

Among other things because, despite the fact that it was the central of the Barca the one that said a while ago that his relationship with the artist began after the summer of 2010 after learning months before the recording of the video clip Waka Waka, Shakira not announced that it had ended its relationship with Of the Rúa up 2011. On the other hand, there are those who are still pointing in the Catalan capital, when the relationship with Shakira began, Pique I was with Nuria Thomas.

Hence, the two prefer not to talk much in public how he was born a relationship that, yes, it seems that many still have the urge to destroy.