It did not come out as expected! Warner Bros congratulated Amber Heard and this was the reaction of the fans


This past April 22 was the birthday of Amber Heard and Warner Bros didn’t forgot it in the to congratulate you from their official accounts of Twitter, however social networks were not silent in the face of this fact, in particular, for all the controversy that surrounds it.

The actress celebrated their 34 years of an atypical form because it is dealing both with the mandatory quarantine and also with criticism both from fans of her ex-husband, as of their own fans.

The divorce between Johnny Depp and the model born in Texas has grabbed the covers of the most important means, after she accused him of domestic violence.

Given this fact, the projects of the actor were affected despite the fact that he denied everything and his image fell to the bottom, reaching even to consider that his career would be ended by the accusations of the celebrity.

But everything changed drastically and there is even a great probability that Amber Heard ends in prison for falsely accusing her former husband, as was verified by means of recordings that it was she who assault him.

Due to this incredible story that few would believe that happened, their fans have been disappointed of it and therefore criticised the fact that Warner Bros by the official account of the movie Aquaman felicitaran to one of their stars.

Today ex-girlfriend entrepreneur Elon Musk is facing the worst moment of his career, after starring alongside Jason Mamoa one of their great successes at the box office in recent years.