It video pump!!! Jennifer Lopez at the pool with nothing underneath and doing this


May 23, 2020
(14:43 CET)

Jennifer Lopez it was recorded in his house during this quarantine to the side of its huge pool doing a curious dance, supposedly preparing for a concert future.

In the video you can see the artist in new york with a tracksuit very loose in the seems that don’t wear anything underneath and moving from the most winding possible.

The image has impacted a lot of their followers who have been able to see how to prepare Jennifer Lopez for their performance and step see a part of his huge mansion in New York.

Always in the form

Despite having passed 50 years of age, what is certain is that the singer in new york remains very jovial and with plenty of vitality as we can see in the video and it seems that what is learned at the physical level in the recording of the movie Hustlers will have served you well.

To make the role of the estripper Ramona had a hard workout of pole dancer in the required to the best of your physical and it seems that once the film continues with his fitness.

Looks good, but…

Now it seems that Jennifer Lopez is prepared to do a tour if you put it after the quarantine, however, the singer’s new yorker has a few plans are very different.

The artist is focused on his movie career and would be preparing for the role of Griselda Blanco, the godmother of Cocaine, in its next character in the big screen.