Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants Brad Pitt to choose between her and Alia Shawkat


  Jennifer Aniston reportedly wants Brad Pitt to choose between her and Alia Shawkat

Several media outlets have reported that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have reconciled or rekindled their romance. There were also stories that the state of the dos has been placed in quarantine together in the actress’ home and probably have plans to have children of their own.

The latest report on the two A-list Hollywood celebrities is that Aniston is forcing Pitt to choose between her and Alia Shawkat, the actress is being linked to her ex-husband. It is said that the “Friends” star is already fed-up because she doesn’t know how to feel as she is confused as to what Brad wants from her.

Jen the alleged claim of Brad

In an article that was published in this week’s edition of Heat, it is said that Jennifer Aniston is totally sick and tired of Brad Pitt mixed messages. She can’t point out exactly what he wants for them because as they are getting closer now, he, on the other hand, it is rumored that he is going out with someone else. The third party in this triangle of love is Things.

“One day, he is giving Aniston all the attention in the world,” the magazine wrote in the article. “The following, just in touch and enjoy meet-ups with her best friend (Shawkat).”

Things on the way for Brad And Jen meeting of the

In addition, it was argued that the Things in reality it is the obstruction which prevents that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston totally from conciliation. The 31-year-old actress is said to get in the way and this is seriously irritating Aniston wants Brad to choose between her and Things once and for all.

“Brad and Jen have not been seen since Los Angeles began its doors in March, but he has been in contact with Jen and act like nothing is going on between him and Others,” a source revealed. “Brad and Jen were on the road to getting back together pre-pandemic but, unfortunately, the distance and the Brad’s indecision is a problem.”

The truth

Gossip Cop couldn’t believe this story in order to review the details and went to investigate. It was concluded that the history of Jennifer Aniston allegedly demanding Brad Pitt to choose between her and Shawkat has no sense. The publication also points out that, in the first place, there is no evidence to show that the actor start a romance with any of the mentioned actresses.

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