Jennifer Aniston still carries the ring of her engagement with Brad Pitt


Ensure that l actress Jennifer Aniston carries the engagement ring of his marriage with Brad Pitt and used it on a very special occasion.

Ensure that the flames of love that once joined Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston still does not go off, then the couple has been at the center of controversy due to its alleged reconciliation, the rumors point to that Aniston still retains a memory of the marriage of both.

The actress, california, used the jewel valued among the 500 thousand dollars the actor helped design along with Silvia Damiani.

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Aniston chose a very special moment to wear the jewel that her ex-husband, the actor Brad Pitt I would have given, and despite the fact that your marriage ended 15 years, for the artist it is a great reminder that even up to these days wears on special occasions

It was the last delivery of the SAG Award held at the beginning of this year when something in the hand of the actress captured the attention of the cameras in the multiple photos the reunion of the two.

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It is worth remembering that together they formed one of the couples more besieged and captured all the reflectorslooked very happy and the chemistry that both had emerged together, she was loved by all his fans until the crisis, and a door of escape to that called “Jolie“to touch their lives.

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They both took paths different in their lives, however, apparently a feeling still was between the two and everyone was waiting for the moment that both will rediscover yourself and that moment happened in such awards what caused that to be spoken of both for several days.

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During the gala Jennifer and Brad they were caught in an approach not seen before since that would terminate your relationship in the 2006had never had a public meeting so close.

Reunion between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Instagram

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However, one of the things that captured his attention was, without doubt, one of the rings did at the gala, which ensure could be the precious jewel that Brad gave him in 1999.

The actress was awarded a prize in the last delivery of the SagAwards. AFP