Jennifer Lawrence is committed: what do we know about the man who managed to conquer it? | TV Show

With a career on the rise, the american actress Jennifer Lawrence does not fail to show his talent. The Hunger Games, X-Men and Passengers are some of the most known movies in which he has participated. 20 awards presented, including a Oscar and three Golden Globes. Do not use social networks, but that is not an impediment to his fans to follow every one of their steps. It is, without doubt, one of the most beloved of Hollywood.

But this article is not all about her. The actress has been concerned to keep his love life out of the public ridicule… so much so, that many have wondered who is the person who is in love with.

It was last February that the interpreter of the character of Katniss Everdeen announced that are committed with a well-respected director of the art gallery Gladstonelocated in New York, united States.

The space, founded by Barbara Gladstonehe has worked with prominent artists. Anish Kappor, Ugo Rondinone, Matthew Barney, and Carroll Dunham, among them.

Who is and Cupid

It is Cooke Maroney, 34 years old, a native of the state of Vermont. During his childhood he lived in the city, until his parents, James and Suki, they decided to have a simpler life. That was how they came to have a farm in the town of Leicester, where the small Cooke was raised with his younger sister Annabelle.

The art was always present in his life. While they lived in Manhattan, James was a merchant of paintings according to according to the portal of entertainment Elle. Came, that way, to graduating with a degree in History of Art at the University of New York. That is its specialty.

But, how did you meet? Thanks to Laura Simpson the “shadow” of Lawrence, her best friend. The same as told through MySpace how it felt to go to the red carpet of the Oscars without that no one will care about your presence. The same, in addition, that acted as “Cupid” between the actress and Maroney.

“They met through the friend of Jen, Laura… The relationship has been going on for some weeks, but have been very private and careful not to be seen together,” said a source close to the couple at the local gateway Page Six in June of last year, at which time the couple was spotted on a romantic dinner in New York.

The commitment

It was the same news website that started the rumors of commitment, when their reporters were alerted that Lawrence was seen at that dinner, wearing a bright ring in his hand.

But at the moment, all was conjecture. The portal did not get confirmation from the representatives and even so dared to holder “The new boyfriend of Jennifer Lawrence is an art dealer of New York”.

The woman Sinsajo do not use social networks. In a previous interview he said that he respected those who used them, but “I never make a Twitter. If ever you find yourself with a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says that I am, be certain that I am not”. That is one of the reasons why it was more difficult to know about your private life.

The ratification of the rumors came at the beginning of last February, when the actress, through her representative, confirmed the news: I was engaged with the gallery owner.

Last may, the couple held an engagement party at the River Café in Brooklyn. Were your stylists Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson who published in her personal account in Instagram a photo of the actress, where he appears very happy with a pink dress with long sleeves.

“Here comes the bride! We could not be more happy and excited that Jennifer Lawrence becomes a lady. This weekend will toast with Jen and her future husband… we have gone too well”, wrote.

While it was speculated that after the event would be only a few days for the definitive “yes”, there is still no news about the marriage. However, sources give certainty that it will be a private ceremony.

Take care of your private life but do not hide their romance

The actress does not usually comment much about his personal life, but also hides their romance. The most known was with the actor Nicholas Hoult, with whom he was more than 4 years. They met during the recording of X-Men: First Class and reunited this year in the premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

There were No problems. In fact, according to the magazine Hello, Hoult said to the media that “working with her has been quite similar to what happened in Skins (the british series on which he has worked for years), we are a big family and we have been making these movies since we had 20 years ago. We all got along very well and we had fun”.

The actress was also linked romantically with actors such as Chris Pratt, Brad Pitt, Chris Evans, and Liam Hemsworth, the current husband of the singer Miley Cyrus.

Also saw him very close to Chris Martinthe lead singer of Coldplay.

His last relationship before Maroney was with the screenwriter and director of american cinema of 50 years, Darren Aronofsky. After finishing his relationship with Aronofski (with whom he worked on the tape Mother), the actress explained the reasons in an interview with Adam Sandler in the series Actors on Actors Variety.

“We were promoting together, and the last thing I wanted to talk about when we returned to the hotel it was of the movie, but that was the only thing he wanted to do. And what I understand, it is his baby: he conceived it, wrote it, ran it,” he said.

But far from all of his past, the actress has been very happy with this relationship that seems to be strong. “He is the best person I have ever known in this world, so I feel very privileged to become a Maroney. Of truth that is wonderful and each day I like more,” admitted the actress, according to the portal Vanities.

“I started (questioning) with the basics: how do I feel? What is good people? What is friendly? And after you answer me those questions, I realized, and I know that may sound too stupid, that it was the right one for this. And now they want us to get married, we want to commit ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives. Is my best friend,” he added.

Photographs taken by paparazzi and uploaded to the web show how loving they are in public. You can see them below: