Jennifer Lawrence, very hated by these colleagues in the profession


Jennifer Lawrence is an actress adored by many, both by fans and by their peers, but also hated by others. It is commonly defined as a girl a very spontaneous and natural, with the feet on the ground, but others say that that image is no more than a facade. And this is what they say it is precisely those who share work with her.

It is known that the actress often has no filter when speaking in public, which has led more than once to be accused of racist comments or to lie about anecdotes from his life that have never come to happen. One of the biggest controversies happened while promoting his film ‘Joy’ in 2015. The actress in an interview said that he had “the exhaustion-of-grade Lindsay Lohan, but without drugs or alcohol.” In the face of these statements the younger sister of Lohan, Aliana, he said that he was disappointed with the actress.

A couple of years before, in 2013, came the first comments on the possible “facade” on the clumsiness and the behavior of the actress. This time out of the mouth of Jared Leto, who laughed when the actress tripped while trying to pick up his Oscar and Jennifer Lawrence will say anything that action to Leto. The actor and singer did not think that the clumsiness of the actress is a natural.

Another thing that is well-known actress in addition to her professional career, is his passion for the reality show. Jennifer Lawrence confessed in his day to be the biggest fan of the Kardashian and shows like ‘Fashion Police’, but the affection for this last program changed when she began to criticize him for judging people by their appearance. Joan Rivers, who was a presenter of the program, referred to Lawrence of hypocrite, because they happened to the actress loved the show when I did nothing more than flatter Jennifer Lawrence each week.

Miley Cyrus also has something to say about Jennifer Lawrence, who was the companion of sharing with the current husband of the singer Liam Hemsworth in the saga of ‘The Hunger Games’. Before marrying, the couple of artists went through a contentious break-up, where it was rumored that the actress had participated as a third in discord. In addition, Jennifer Lawrence admitted to kiss Hemsworth more than once behind the scenes when I was shooting a scene in ‘The Hunger Games’.

Jennifer Lawrence, very hated by these colleagues in the profession

This is not the first time that it speaks of the intervention of the actress between a celebrity couple, since it is known that while Jennifer Lawrence shared scenes very intimate with Chris Pratt in ‘Passengers’, who was the wife of the actor, Anna Farris, she began to feel increasingly insecure and threatened by the chemistry that Jennifer Lawrence had with their husband. The result ended in divorce, despite the fact that Lawrence will make sure Anna between her and that Pratt had not more than a good friendship and a lot of confidence.