Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon perform amazing battle dance on Tik Tok


During the show last night starring Jimmy Fallonthe duo participated in the “Watch-it-Once TikTok Challenge”. Jennifer and Jimmy had to dance in their virtual tracks while you were filming from home.

Jimmy introduced the game, saying: “Jennifer and I are going to see a challenge Tik Tok none of us had seen before… we’re Going to try to recreate it, and whoever gets it wins that round.”

JLo said: “I’m going to fall in flames in front of my children. Is well. They say, ‘Mom, we are not ashamed!’”.

JLo is a guest favorite Jimmy Fallon/Photo: E!

JLo is a guest favorite Jimmy Fallon/Photo: E!

On the other hand, the host of the interview program has a lot more confidence and quips: “I’m a bit known for my dancing, so I think it will be easy for me!”.

Then, the couple had to see the stars of TikTok, Charli D’amelio, Addison Rae and more, performing a dance and then recreate it immediately after.

Even JLo has difficulties, until, that challenges Jimmy Fallon to do the dance that she choreographed for the fourth season of World of Dance.

JLo says: “oh, That’s not bad! It is difficult to do this in a single thing. These children take hours to make their TikToks and make them well.”

The workout routine of Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has kept in shape while he stays with his family in Miami. Her fiance Alex Rodriguez, 44 years old, he visited Instagram on Thursday to share with his followers the exhausting training he, JLo and her daughter Natasha were doing.

In the video, the bride-to-be showed their legs tonificadas and your flat stomach in a white set to play, while jogging by the house and lifted weights with his family.

Jennifer even gave his step-daughters, Ella and Natasha, a few tips on how to lift weights over their heads properly.

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But even with the quarantine does not mean it is not working. Not only is preparing for the premiere of season 4 of “World of Dance”, NBC’s “the 26th of may, but that also is ending” Marry Me “, his upcoming romantic comedy in which he plays a pop star who is left at the altar by her.